Welcome to Mo Fit Training website. My name is Mo Trafeh and I am a trainer and professional athlete. I havehelped clients and athletes from many different levels from all over the world achieve and exceed their personal goals through exercise and dietary programs, healthier lives, and success. The sense of personal satisfaction in seeing my clients and athletes lose weight, improve self-esteem, win championships, rehab injuries is what I call real success.
Many of my clients have gone through home workouts, gyms, fad diets, and trying to workout on their own only to fail and give up. I aim to instill tools that will create life long fitness goals and improve dietary lifestyle choices through physical fitness and health.
I am a trainer, not a sales person. When you go to the gym “trainers” have a main goal to sell their packages. These packages sound very appealing to consumers, but prove to be only costly with few results. Because I am a professional athlete, I understand what it takes to work hard, and get results. It has taken me years of training to perfect the best program that I can deliver to you with solid results. I will take you through the different phases of training by laying down the foundation that is right for you. You don’t need to have any physical fitness background to train with me. In fact, many of my clients have never done any sort of physical activity in their lives.
I am a certified personal trainer with the NASM or National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have an extensive background in training professional runners. I also believe in giving back to my community by training young children and high school youth with cross country and track. My goal is for them to eventually represent their respective cities, state, and country as world class athletes.
Let me help you achieve the best possible results, and show you how to achieve your highest potential. Most people neglect their greatest asset, their bodies! If we don’t invest time, effort and nutrition, we will never experience our full capabilities in life. Fatigue, illness and just an overall lack of zeal for life can be overcome thru healing the mind and body connection. Come experience a better life with exercise and nutrition. Personal Training, Ongoing Boot Camps and running is what I do best!
Mo Trafeh

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I can’t express enough how amazing and life changing this experience is. I use to be super athletic and have slipped away from that over the past couple years. In the past year I have tried everything from different gym memberships to trend setting classes and nothing compares or completes your needs like Mo Trafeh Personal training.


My husband and I were looking for a fun activity to get involved in together and we had three specific things we were looking for, 1) outdoors 2) a good strong workout that could make us feel stronger 3) a great trainer and a good team to be around. Mo Trafeh workout nailed all 3!


REALLY loved this boot camp crew. Mo and his team are great. Easy, no hassle boot camp for all levels. Mo Trafeh is motivating, approachable, and will give you as much support as you need to track your progress. Great way to meet people and workout with friends.



“My body fat percentage is way down (we measure every month so we can chart our progress), I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, and I’ve never felt better!” Mo and Duane also teach endurance training which is awesome for people already in shape and into athletics.”